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Gold Coins

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Gold as currency goes back centuries as far as the Bronze Age where gold was used in commerce. The 6th century BC saw the introduction of ‘real’ gold coins with some of the earliest pieces coming from Ancient China. Since then it has been used throughout the world as a form of currency largely because it has a high value to weight ratio, has a high density making it difficult to counterfeit and can also be melted down easily. By the turn of the 20th century however, many countries started to phase out these precious metal coins due to post-war shortages or in America’s case, the Great Depression of 1933. Today’s coins are mainly limited edition commemorative pieces or bullion issues which are attractive to collectors and investors for their potential long-term value.
With the huge increase in the price of gold in recent years, demand for bullion coins has at times come close to outstripping supply. However the long-term value or desirability of a coin is not solely down to its precious metal content and collectors are not just buying a piece of metal. Other important considerations such as the edition limit and numismatic heritage are equally important. With millions of coin collectors worldwide looking to add limited edition pieces to their collections and portfolios many pieces are becoming incredibly sought-after and more difficult to obtain. Due to its extensive contacts with mints and suppliers worldwide, The Jubilee Mint distributes gold coins UK wide giving collectors the chance to own these highly sought-after, collectable issues even if sold out.
Although no one can predict the future, gold has risen rapidly over the last decade. In 1980 the price of an ounce hit $850 which when taking into account consumer price inflation is equivalent to well over $2000 today, way above the current price. In the current global recession, investors in the UK and around the world, particularly in the developing economies of China and India are looking to buy gold coins in order to diversify their portfolios, increasing demand and therefore price further. With continued demand from collectors and investors alike and with a finite amount of this precious metal available on the planet, many believe that gold will continue to be an excellent opportunity in the years ahead.