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Queen Victoria
01/08/2018 15:36  |  The Royal Family

Born on 24th May 1819 at Kensington Palace to the Duke and Duchess of Kent, Princess Alexandrina Victoria was not expected to inherit the throne; her father was the fourth son of King William III. 

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The Royal Family in 2018
19/03/2018 15:45  |  The Royal Family

2018 is set to be a landmark year for our Royal Family. The Coronation Jubilee marks the historic milestone of 65 years since Her Majesty’s inauguration, which took place on the 2nd of June 1953.

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The Centenary of World War I
19/03/2018 14:48  |  Military

November 11th 2018 marks exactly 100 years since the hostilities of WWI ceased, and guns finally fell silent after member countries of the Central Powers signed armistice agreements one by one, confirming the end of battle. 

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Silver coin hoard may rewrite Anglo-Saxon History
03/02/2017 16:41  |  Silver Coins

A recent discovery of 200 silver coins, 15 silver ingots and 7 items of jewellery however, may help us to understand the relationship between these two leaders and uncover the hidden truths that lie beneath this fascinating period in ancient history.

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