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High Demand for 2016 One-Year-Only Sovereign Portrait
19/01/2016 12:02  |  Sovereigns

The Sovereign is often considered Britain’s flagship coin; bearing the image of the reigning monarch on its obverse, it is seen as a constant in times of change. None more so than those issued during the reign of our longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, whose profile has graced our coins for over 63 years. 

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Walkers Stumble upon Valuable Silver Coin Hoard
14/01/2016 11:16  |  Silver Coins

In November 2015, two friends out for a walk in a Welsh field made a remarkable discovery; they unwittingly found a hoard of silver coins dating all the way back to Roman times. The stash of 91 coins is thought to be worth tens of thousands of pounds and has officially been declared ‘treasure’. 

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The Round Pound Replacement
13/01/2016 15:22  |  General

The £1 coin hasn’t had a revamp for over 30 years, and after almost one in thirty £1 coins were found to be counterfeits, The Royal Mint decided it was high time for change. 

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The Year of the Three Kings
19/11/2015 16:27  |  Historic UK Coins

1936, the year of The Three Kings, or the Abdication Crisis as it is otherwise known, was a truly remarkable year in royal British history. It is the year that saw three different monarchs sit on the English throne in just eleven months of each other.

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