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The Deadliest Battle of World War I
19/11/2015 11:46  |  Military

The battles of World War I are at the forefront of the nation’s mind as the centenary commemorations for the Great War continue. It is still one of the deadliest conflicts the world has ever seen, with an estimated 38 million casualties.

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Silver coins worth £1m found in field in Buckingham
06/01/2015 10:06  |  Silver Coins

A member of Buckingham's Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club had the surprise of his life recently after uncovering one of the largest hoards of Anglo-Saxon coins worth an estimated £1 million.

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2015 - The most important Royal year ever
06/01/2015 09:27  |  The Royal Family

On 9th September at the age of 89, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning British monarch of all time.

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Historic 2015 final year issue
06/01/2015 09:20  |  Sovereigns

The Royal Mint has announced that its 2015 Sovereign will feature Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the very last time.

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