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2014 Marks The Centenary Of World War I
20/12/2013 14:12  |  Military

The year 2014 marks a very important anniversary in world history - the Centenary of the First World War.

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The History of British Sovereigns
03/09/2013 13:24  |  Sovereigns

Gold Sovereigns were struck during the reigns of successive Tudor monarchs including Henry VIII  and Elizabeth I but with a lower weight and fineness. In 1604, James I commissioned a lighter, smaller version in 22 carats of the precious metal.

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William and Kate - Surprise Public Engagement
03/09/2013 11:51  |  William and Kate

Although still officially on maternity leave, the Duchess of Cambridge recently made a surprise first public engagement since the birth of HRH Prince of Cambridge on 22nd July.

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Hoard Discovered on Florida's "Treasure Coast"
03/09/2013 09:26  |  Gold Coins

Florida’s “Treasure Coast” well and truly lived up to its name this summer when 48 gold coins were recovered with an estimated value of a quarter of a million dollars.

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