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The birth of our future King
23/07/2013 11:50  |  William and Kate

After days of waiting and speculation, the new heir to the throne has arrived. HRH Prince George of Cambridge was born at 4.24pm on Monday 22nd July to the delight of his parents, Kate and William.

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The History and Journey of UK Coins
22/05/2013 11:07  |  General

Coins last a long time especially if they are made of gold. This means we still have the first ever pieces from Lydia, now Turkey, minted around 650 BC. From there they were spread by the Greeks and Romans around the known world.

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Historic Coins Remain In High Demand
21/05/2013 13:26  |  Historic UK Coins

Coins struck in 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, remain in high demand today as they did sixty years ago. Similarly issues struck to mark an important Jubilee are also among some of the most historic UK coins, highly sought-after among collectors and investors.

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The Britannia's Rare Change In Specification
21/05/2013 13:25  |  Silver Coins

This year, for the first time ever in its 25-year history, the United Kingdom’s flagship coin Britannia was struck by The Royal Mint in 999.9/1000 Silver.

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