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Rare Coin That Could make a Mint
01/02/2017 15:00  |  Gold Coins

Opened in 1855 to take advantage of the gold discovered nearby, The Sydney Mint was the very first overseas branch of the world renowned Royal Mint. As other branches soon opened in Melbourne and Perth which used superior technology, it was closed in 1926 but not before producing one of today’s most sought-after gold Sovereigns. 

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Hiker Discovers Ancient Coin in Israel
09/05/2016 10:40  |  Gold Coins

Explorers around the world are always on the lookout for historic gems that can offer a deeper insight into the life and times of those who have lived before us. For many, the search is exhausting and intensive, but for others, it is simply a case of being in the right place at the right time.

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US Mint’s First Ever Gold $100 Coin Close to Selling Out
22/01/2016 14:21  |  Gold Coins

The world famous United States Mint released its first ever solid gold $100 denomination coin in July 2015. So highly desirable was this new historic issue that it proved to be one of the mint’s fastest ever selling coins, with initial stock selling out within hours of its release. 

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Hoard Discovered on Florida's "Treasure Coast"
03/09/2013 09:26  |  Gold Coins

Florida’s “Treasure Coast” well and truly lived up to its name this summer when 48 gold coins were recovered with an estimated value of a quarter of a million dollars.

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