Hiker Discovers Ancient Coin in Israel

09/05/2016 10:40  |  Gold Coins

Explorers around the world are always on the lookout for historic gems that can offer a deeper insight into the life and times of those who have lived before us. For many, the search is exhausting and intensive, but for others, it is simply a case of being in the right place at the right time.

For hiker, Laurie Rimon, luck was definitely on her side when she stumbled across a small gold coin whilst trekking through Eastern Galilee with friends. It was later found that what she had in fact discovered was an ancient Roman coin dating back to the year 107 AD.

A representative from the Israel Antiquities Authority was called to the scene and the gold coin was later revealed to be part of a series that Emperor Trajan (the 13th Emperor of Rome) had minted in honour of his predecessors.

Head Curator at the IAA, Donald T. Ariel pointed out that this particular coin would have been minted as a tribute to Emperor Augustus’ reign. This is indicated by the inscription which reads ‘Deius Augustus’, meaning, ‘Augustus the Divine’, and the portrait which appears on the coin of the emperor ‘deified’. Ariel added that only two other gold coins under the reign of Emperor Augustus have been listed in the State Treasures.

Rimon was delighted with her discovery which is a very valuable piece which experts believe may have been part of a Roman soldier’s salary: “It is not every day one discovers such an amazing object, but I hope I will see it displayed in the near future”.

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