Rare Coin That Could make a Mint

01/02/2017 15:00  |  Gold Coins

Opened in 1855 to take advantage of the gold discovered nearby, The Sydney Mint was the very first overseas branch of the world renowned Royal Mint. As other branches soon opened in Melbourne and Perth which used superior technology, it was closed in 1926 but not before producing one of today’s most sought-after gold Sovereigns.

The 1926 Sovereign featuring a tiny ‘S’ mint mark, denoting it was struck at The Sydney Mint, could be worth a colossal £37,000! That’s because the Sovereigns struck in Sydney that year were produced in extremely limited numbers, and due to their exciting history only a small number has survived through the decades. Experts estimate that they could fetch between £8,500 and £37,000 at auction, indeed, one sold in 2014 for a huge £18,000.

As well as the all-important ‘S’ mint mark located just above the 1926 date of issue, the reverse of each of these special coins include Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic Saint George and the Dragon masterpiece, a design that celebrates its 200th Anniversary this year. The obverse features an official portrait of the monarch at the time, King George V, the Queen’s grandfather.

It is reported that just 131,050 of the 1926 Sovereigns featuring the ‘S’ mint mark were ever produced, and that all but fifty were sent to London as payment of a debt the Australian government sustained during the First World War and subsequently melted down. However, the remaining fifty coins, struck on the very last day of their production in 1926, were given as gifts to selected individuals as mementos of The Sydney Mint which closed later that year. It is these coins that are incredibly sought-after among collectors the world over as some of the rarest gold coins in existence. What’s more, the very last eight produced were given a special specimen finish, meaning these particular versions are even more valuable due to their exemplary quality. Of these last eight coins, four are in public collections while four remain in private ownership, waiting to be discovered. 

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