Historic Coins Remain In High Demand

21/05/2013 13:26  |  Historic UK Coins

Coins struck in 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, remain in high demand today as they did sixty years ago. Similarly issues struck to mark an important Jubilee are also among some of the most historic UK coins, highly sought-after among collectors and investors. The 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown, for example, was issued by The Royal Mint to mark 25 years of the Queen’s ascension to the throne, the first major celebration of her reign, widely celebrated in the UK and the Commonwealth, with official banquets, thanksgiving services and street parties. The obverse portrait of the 1977 Crown by Arnold Machin depicts the Queen on horseback while the reverse, also by Machin, features the Ampulla and Anointing Spoon, part of the ancient Coronation Regalia, encircled by a floral border above a royal crown.

Last year’s one-year-only Diamond Jubilee Sovereign is also an important issue of the Queen’s reign marking another extraordinary achievement of Her Majesty’s reign, sixty years as Queen. Its strict mintage limit, the Queen’s popularity and the rarity of a Diamond Jubilee created a huge wave of demand and as a result, the entire mintage sold out extremely quickly at The Royal Mint.

Over the last sixty years, the Queen’s coinage has featured four iconic portraits by some of the UK’s most distinguished and respected artists and sculptors – among them Arnold Machin. The earliest of these historic UK coins by Mary Gillick first appeared on the newly-crowned Queen’s coinage in 1953, shortly after her official Coronation. It also featured on the coinage of a number of Commonwealth countries. On Arnold Machin’s portrait (the second of the four), the wreath in Gillick’s design was replaced by a tiara. It was during the time of Machin’s design that decimalisation was introduced in 1971. Between 1985 and 1997, sculptor Raphael Maklouf’s portrait depicting the Queen in the Royal Diadem, worn each year for the State Opening of Parliament, appeared on all UK circulating coins. The most recent design features an effigy of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS. His design appears on all of today’s circulating British coinage.

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