The Round Pound Replacement

13/01/2016 15:22  |  General

The £1 coin hasn’t had a revamp for over 30 years, and after almost one in thirty were found to be counterfeits, The Royal Mint decided it was high time for change.

A competition was thus held to find a brand new design to feature on all £1 coins issued from 2017 onwards.

To find something that would stand out and yet maintain the classic heraldic style of our current coinage, the chosen design had to be something innovative yet classic, and fifteen-year-old school boy David Pearce’s design fitted the brief perfectly. Featuring all four floral emblems of the United Kingdom; the English Tudor Rose, the Welsh Leek, the Scottish Thistle and the Irish Shamrock, held together inside a Royal Coronet, his approach to heraldic composition stood out amongst thousands of entries.

Now equipped with more advanced minting techniques, the new £1 coin with bi-metallic construction will be almost impossible to replicate. Not only featuring an exquisite new design, the new issue won’t be rounded in shape either. Instead it will take on the appearance of the old 12-sided three penny bit.

The obverse of the new coin will continue to carry the fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty by Jody Clark. Clark is the youngest to have had his QEII portrait design chosen, and the first Royal Mint employee in over 100 years to have his engraving feature on circulating coinage!

Look out for these new coins coming in 2017…

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