World’s Most Valuable Coin Displayed in London

27/04/2016 13:23  |  Silver Coins

This year the world’s most expensive coin left its home country for the very first time as it embarked on a tour of Europe. The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar was displayed in several European cities including Prague, Stockholm and Helsinki. As part of the tour, the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, along with an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, visited London for the first time.

One of just 130 of its kind left today, the incredible history of the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is unparalleled.  The exceptional quality of this particular dollar suggests it was the very first struck of the 1,758 that were minted on 15th October 1794. As a result, it would have been personally inspected by America’s most famous president, George Washington. Classed as very or extremely rare by Baldwin’s auction house, this example is in remarkably good condition and is believed to have been in private hands since it was minted, before resurfacing in the early 20th century.

The beautiful design of the silver coin further fuels its desirability. The iconic image of Lady Liberty with flowing hair, surrounded by 15 stars representing the inaugural states of the nation, and the bald eagle on the reverse, are images still used on American coinage today.

Renowned for its rarity, condition and cultural significance, the highly sought-after Flowing Hair Silver Dollar caused an intense bidding war when it went up for auction in 2013. Finally selling for a colossal $10,000,000 (approx. £7,000,000), the dollar became the most expensive coin in the world – increasing in value by nearly 80,000% over the last 65 years.

The coin’s owner, Mr Morelan, said ‘I’m pleased and honoured that my coin is going on display in London and across Europe so that its unique qualities may be enjoyed by many more people’.  

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