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The Historic Bicentenary of the World’s Most Famous Gold Coin
05/01/2017 15:06  |  Sovereigns

Marking exactly 200 years since the first ‘modern’ Sovereign was released, The Royal Mint’s new 2017 Solid Gold Proof edition is the year’s most sought-after UK release. 

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High Demand for 2016 One-Year-Only Sovereign Portrait
19/01/2016 12:02  |  Sovereigns

The Sovereign is often considered Britain’s flagship coin; bearing the image of the reigning monarch on its obverse, it is seen as a constant in times of change. None more so than those issued during the reign of our longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, whose profile has graced our coins for over 63 years. 

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Historic 2015 final year issue
06/01/2015 09:20  |  Sovereigns

The Royal Mint has announced that its 2015 Sovereign will feature Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the very last time.

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The History of British Sovereigns
03/09/2013 13:24  |  Sovereigns

Gold Sovereigns were struck during the reigns of successive Tudor monarchs including Henry VIII  and Elizabeth I but with a lower weight and fineness. In 1604, James I commissioned a lighter, smaller version in 22 carats of the precious metal.

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