High Demand for 2016 One-Year-Only Sovereign Portrait

19/01/2016 12:02  |  Sovereigns

The Sovereign is often considered Britain’s flagship coin; bearing the image of the reigning monarch on its obverse, it is seen as a constant in times of change. None more so than those issued during the reign of our longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, whose profile has graced our coins for over 63 years. Therefore any change in the design of this iconic coin always generates considerable excitement, especially when issued to coincide with a significant event in the life of Her Majesty.  

Last year on 2nd March 2015, The Royal Mint unveiled a brand new portrait of the Queen which would feature on both our circulating and commemorative coins from 2015 onwards. This exciting announcement marked the beginning of a truly historic year for the gold Sovereign; it was the first time in over 100 years that two different portraits would feature on our flagship coin in the same year. One of the two historic issues of 2015 featured Ian Rank-Broadley’s famous portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for the very last time after remaining on our coins for an impressive 17 years.

Replacing Rank-Broadley’s effigy is a portrait designed by famous British sculptor, Jody Clark, the first engraver directly employed by The Royal Mint to design a definitive portrait in over 100 years. Incredibly, Clark’s new portrait is only the fifth official definitive of Her Majesty’s record-breaking nearly reign of almost 64 years and features the monarch in the Royal Diadem. Such is the high demand to own these historic issues that both Proof 2015 versions have now completely sold out at The Royal Mint.

Clark’s design is not the only new portrait unveiled by The Royal Mint in 2015. Extraordinarily, another new definitive of Her Majesty has been revealed, designed by renowned sculptor, James Butler. Issued in the year of the Queen’s historic 90th Birthday in 2016, Butler’s portrait will feature on the Proof quality Gold Sovereigns for just one year only, making it one of the most sought-after of her entire reign. This historic 2016 one year only issue is already in high demand among both those looking for a fitting tribute to the Queen’s remarkable 90th Birthday and collectors worldwide.

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