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The New One Pound Coin
05/01/2017 14:33  |  General

The 28th of March 2017 will be a key date for numismatists everywhere, for on this day the round pound as we know it will be replaced by a new 12-sided coin, complete with a stunning new floral emblem design and state-of-the-art security features.

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The Round Pound Replacement
13/01/2016 15:22  |  General

The £1 coin hasn’t had a revamp for over 30 years, and after almost one in thirty £1 coins were found to be counterfeits, The Royal Mint decided it was high time for change. 

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The History and Journey of UK Coins
22/05/2013 11:07  |  General

Coins last a long time especially if they are made of gold. This means we still have the first ever pieces from Lydia, now Turkey, minted around 650 BC. From there they were spread by the Greeks and Romans around the known world.

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