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Silver coin hoard may rewrite Anglo-Saxon History
03/02/2017 16:41  |  Silver Coins

A recent discovery of 200 silver coins, 15 silver ingots and 7 items of jewellery however, may help us to understand the relationship between these two leaders and uncover the hidden truths that lie beneath this fascinating period in ancient history.

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World’s Most Valuable Coin Displayed in London
27/04/2016 13:23  |  Silver Coins

This year the world’s most expensive coin left its home country for the very first time as it embarked on a tour of Europe. The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar was displayed in several European cities including Prague, Stockholm and London.

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Walkers Stumble upon Valuable Silver Coin Hoard
14/01/2016 11:16  |  Silver Coins

In November 2015, two friends out for a walk in a Welsh field made a remarkable discovery; they unwittingly found a hoard of silver coins dating all the way back to Roman times. The stash of 91 coins is thought to be worth tens of thousands of pounds and has officially been declared ‘treasure’. 

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Silver coins worth £1m found in field in Buckingham
06/01/2015 10:06  |  Silver Coins

A member of Buckingham's Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club had the surprise of his life recently after uncovering one of the largest hoards of Anglo-Saxon coins worth an estimated £1 million.

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