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Queen Victoria Complete Gold Sovereign Collection

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Queen Victoria complete Sovereign Collection

High probability of selling out

  • All four Sovereigns from Victoria’s reign
  • Limited edition presentation - just 295 sets
  • Coins struck in 22 Carat Gold


To mark this year’s 175th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s Coronation, this magnificent limited edition presentation brings together all four Sovereigns from her incredible 63 year reign, each one struck by The Royal Mint. Every coin is a collector’s item in its own right - the two ‘young head’ Sovereigns, the ‘Jubilee head’ struck to mark her Golden Jubilee in 1887 and lastly the ‘Veiled head’ depicting a more mature queen, still in mourning for the husband she had lost. Unique set charts the life and times of history’s longest-serving monarch but with just 295 sets available worldwide, a quick sell-out is expected.

N.B Limited edition presentation relates only to the coins as presented in our packaging. Coins shown for illustrative purposes only. Year dates will vary.

Specification of all Sovereigns:
Diameter:    22mm
Weight: 7.98g
Metal: 22 Carat Gold  

Young head designer: William Wyon

Jubilee head designer: Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm

Veiled head designer: Sir Thomas Brock

Delivery via Royal Mail

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